Buyer Agents for Out of Town Buyers

Buyer agency is more important now than ever. It makes sense for a buyer to select one buyer agent who can gather information and take the hassle of buying real estate. It’s too risky with Covid19 to meet with various listing agents and tour homes over and over with different agents. Plus, it’s inefficient. If you don’t have time to waste, and you don’t want to take a chance with covid19, get a buyer agent.

Be careful with larger agencies who mainly list homes — they’ll assign a “buyer agent” to you, but the agency’s goal is to sell their listings. A buyer agent who works as a buyer agent 99% of the time (every once in awhile, I’ll list a home for family or a friend) is going to search the entire market to find the best home for the buyer. Most new agents with larger listing agencies often do buyer agent work to get started, but their goal is to eventually get listings like the company’s top listing agents, then stop the buyer agent work.

Agents in general are taught that listings are where you make the big bucks. I was trained as a buyer agent in a company that was exclusively buyer agent. We did not take listings. That way we didn’t have any conflict of interest. Our clients had our undivided loyalty as a buyer agent with no pressure to sell particular listings.

If you’re looking for quality service, a hassle free buying experience, and the peace of mind knowing someone is working to protect your interests, then give me a call. Mike at 912-429-3431. When you go to court, you don’t use the other side’s attorney, so why use a listing agent, who represents the seller, when buying a home?

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